Hugsbaby Welcomes New Website

15th October 2021

In October 2021, Hugsbaby embarked on a full redesign of their website. We spoke to the Managing Director, Jacqui Newlands to hear all about the new design and how she hopes it will benefit the users experience. 

1. What made you decide to have a new website? 

We decided to have a new website built because we wanted to maximise our ability to reach customers. The original website was difficult to navigate and took an eternity to load up. On the technical side, the website's analytics and search rankings were very poor and we felt that if we could have a very responsive website, that was mobile friendly, then the google rankings would improve and this would be a benefit to the company. We also wanted to create a website that was user-friendly and showcased our amazing products and fabulous designers.

2. How does your new website support Hugsbaby’s company values? 

The new website is a game changer for Hugsbaby! We want our customers to have a pleasant time whilst browsing and shopping and make such an impression that they come back as a regular customer. We want to provide outstanding value for money with the best quality products, sourced with care and a love for our environment. 

3. What's your favourite part of your new website? 

My favourite part is the homepage - it's so exciting to see such a good quality website. You can visibly see the high-quality of expertise that Serenity Digital has put into the design and build. We love being able to provide our customers with a website that has the WOW factor!

4. What did you add to your new website and why? 

On the new website we added additional product information with clear and well written text. The quality of the content is fresh and well presented to show our values clearly. Serenity Digital used an easy to follow mapping system that works without complication.

5. What do you hope will be the benefits of your new website for customers? 

We want our customers to have the best shopping experience - we have provided an easy to follow navigation system to make the browse, choose and pay experience fast, safe and reliable.

Whether you are looking to make a purchase or have a question for us, our team here at Hugsbaby are here to help and ensure that you get the best shopping experience. To keep up to date with the latest stock drops from the leading brands in children's clothing, make sure to sign up to our newsletter.


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